Three Weeks To Inner Peace | Week One: Meditation Techniques


3:30 pm - 5:00 pm


Verona Yoga
546 Bloomfield Avenue, Verona, NJ
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In the past month, you may have been focusing on several resolutions: I will go to the gym or yoga studio every day. I will kick my own butt at least three times a week. I will become so fit that I will develop abs of steel and Olympic-level biceps and be able to go from crow pose to headstand to handstand using only the strength in a single pinkie finger.

All worthy goals.

But what we often forget as we set our resolutions is that a more challenging goal can be the search for inner peace: a calmness and quietness of the mind that allows us to react to and handle life’s ups and downs with greater ease, optimism, and gratitude.

If this is something you know you need to work on in your own life, consider signing up for Three Weeks to Inner Peace, a restorative yoga series.

Week One—Meditation Techniques:

When we try to imagine someone with a strong meditation practice, we tend to call up visions of someone dressed all in white, seated cross-legged on a meditation cushion, hands resting on knees, eyes closed, lips resting in a relaxed smile as he or she remains in silent meditation for hours at a time. Limbs never fidgeting. Legs never falling asleep. Mind never wandering.

In reality, there are a wide variety of meditation techniques out there, and it can take a number of tries before you find the one best suited for you.

It can also take years to attain the sense of quietude you might imagine is necessary.

This week, you’ll get the chance to learn about a number of techniques and, hopefully, go home with several you feel comfortable practicing on your own.

And while you may not achieve enlightenment, you will at the very least learn mindfulness, and gain the ability grasp onto a sense of peace for some period of time.

Among the techniques that will be covered:

  • drishti meditation
  • sri yantra meditation
  • singing bowl meditation
  • mantra meditation (om and other mantras)
  • sensory meditation (aroma + taste)
  • loving-kindness meditation
  • walking meditation
  • other breathing exercises

This is the first workshop in a three-week series. Follow the links below for more information on the second and third weeks:

Week Two—Restorative Poses

Week Three—Yin Yoga + Yoga Nidra

The price for any single class in this series is $20. For those who can commit to the full three weeks, the cost is $50. Sign up at the Verona Yoga website.

Hope to see you there!

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