How To Know When To Shut Your Damn Mouth

54204320I feel as if I opened a Pandora’s Box with my recent post about not wanting a second child. When it pubbed, it kicked off a flurry of discussion on Facebook. An old friend texted me to say him and his wife felt the same way. And after class at my local yoga studio, my friend Kim said to me: “I liked your recent post where you tell people to just shut the fuck up.”

I had to laugh. Because I suppose it was about that.

It even seemed to hit a nerve with my non-mom friends. On Facebook, my sister-in-law wrote, “I hate how other people make you feel guilty for being content in the stage of life you are currently in. For example, if you are single, they ask why you don’t have a boyfriend; when in a relationship, why aren’t you married; when you are married, why don’t you have kids; and in your situation when you have a kid, when are you having your next…”

It’s true. Even when people aren’t hounding us about when the next kid is coming, it seems they’re still pushing us to want more more more. And when they’re not doing that, they’re questioning our parenting skills and judging our lifestyles and giving us all sorts of unsolicited advice.

It makes me want to become even more of a recluse than I already am.

So I thought I’d provide this post as a cathartic forum in which people can share the most infuriating “advice” they’ve ever received. Or the times they felt judged the most. Or the instances in which they came thisclose to smacking somebody for their insolence.

Go ahead. Let it all out.

And if you’re not here to cathartically rant with us…

“But I just wanted to…”

“No really, could I just…?”


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