• I’ve written just a couple pieces for Yoga International, and I’m especially proud of this one, which shows how my practice has evolved with my life.
  • Thrilled to have this fun piece on meditation techniques and marriage go up on the website of one of my favorite online yogis.
  • As I’ve made my way through a 200-hour yoga teacher training program, I’ve found myself wanting to write less about sex and more about the new passion in my life. Here’s my elephant journal piece on how yoga has helped me love my body… sometimes.
  • Money: the bane of my existence, and the source of my fantastic yoga leggings collection. The Billfold is all about our relationship to money, which is why it’s just about the perfect publication for me. Here, a piece on the money I spent to make money teaching yoga.
  • Speaking of love and sex and all that good stuff, here’s a piece I wrote about about how yoga helped me chill out and cut my husband some slack.
  • Again with the sex. I used to write a weekly sex column for dating site howaboutwe, and managed to sneak in some yogic wisdom. Here, the five ways yoga can help improve your sex life.
  • My first yoga clip ever, here’s a short piece I wrote on yoga for writers, for a monthly magazine put out by ASJA (the American Society of Journalists and Authors).