About My Yoga

Steph AuteriI first tried yoga because I wanted to get rid of my muffin top. I wanted to look good in skinny jeans and be able to pull off the whole maxi dress thing, and the prospect of going to a gym and having a personal trainer sweat me into submission was unattractive.

When I tried my first class at YogaCentric, a vinyasa yoga studio in Clifton, NJ, I didn’t know what in heck I was doing. I couldn’t touch my toes in forward fold. I was intimidated by all the yogis who could easily pop up into headstand. I was pretty sure I was being punked when everyone effortlessly tipped over — NBD — into crow pose.

But there was something about the way I felt after that very first class that kept me coming back. And when a fantastic teacher had me go up into headstand for the first time, I was hooked.

I soon realized there was a lot more to yoga than being able to touch my toes, and getting kick-ass biceps, and looking damn sexy in a pair of leggings. I felt more balanced. I felt less crazypants. And when I went off my mix of antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds in order to try to start a family, it was yoga that kept me sane.

Not only that, but yoga brought me into a community of warm, open, and supportive people who became like a second family. Yoga does that.

After spending a good amount of time attending four to six yoga classes a week, I decided to enter my studio’s yoga teacher training program as a means of deepening my practice. By the end, my practice was, indeed, stronger. And I found that I wanted to share yoga with everyone.

Also, I looked great in leggings.

Now I’m an RYT-200, with a focus on helping young professionals who are struggling with work/life balance, burnout, and the inability to turn their brains off at night (something that, as a word nerdy entrepreneur, I understand well).

I am available to teach at studios, gyms, and corporate offices, so you should totally shoot me an email if you’re interested in having me teach you. I am also available for one-on-one yoga sessions.

Come on! Let’s hang out in pigeon pose together for an abnormally long time!

Namaste, y’all.